Hi! I'm Chris.
I'm a professional software developer
And system and database admin
from Poland.


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My name is Krzysztof Jakóbczyk, I come from Poland. I'm a professional software developer and passionate programmer. I'm specialized in building desktop applications in C++ and C# as well as web applications in ASP.NET, Java or PHP based on newest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. I'm also fascinated in creating applications for mobile devices like Android.

Beyond programming I'm also expirienced system administrator specialized in managing medium area networks based on Windows and Linux operating systems.
My day to day duties also include SQL databases administration running on different database engines like Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008R2 and MySQL.

Welcome to my web site. Though it's still a work in progress project go ahead and look around, I hope you'll like it. Soon I'll add some items to my portfolio and fill up the details in the "About" tab so you'll be able know me better. You'll be also able to download some of my samples from the download area. Friends and colleagues can also visit the "Restricted" section where I'll prepare something special just for You ;) .

At this point I would like to thank whole Insomnia247.nl Team for hosting this project and for great work made to keep this server up and running as well as my beloved Girlfriend for her patience and support.

Let's work together!

Are you looking for a freelancer to create software just for you? Or maybe you're working on a bigger project and looking for some support? Maybe you need an experienced admin to take care about Your servers? You're definitely in the right place!

If you need a programmer:It doesn't matter what programming language you're using, are you building a desktop, client-server or web application, if it's a free, open source or paid software - impossible is nothing if you're surrounded by professionals who have needed skills and if everything what they do is created with passion. Check the details below and let's start working together from today!

Soon you'll have the application which fit your needs and from which you'll be proud of! And of course it'll be a great adventure for both of us in the world of programming :) !

If you need an admin:It doesn't matter what you need to manage - is it a warehouse management system running on Windows, a mail server on Linux or a virtual servers host in a bigger company. I have required knowledge and skills to keep it up and running, safely and reliably.

Don't wait no more! Check the details below and let's get in touch!

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That's me

That's me
  • Name: Krzysztof
  • Surname: Jakóbczyk
  • Birth date: 07.04.1987
  • Age: 32

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That's me

Welcome to my world, the world of IT. World, where impossible is nothing. Let me take you to a journey to show you how beautiful this world can be, when nothing besides your imagination constrains you.

I'm a professional, talented and creative software developer. I love to create custom applications in many different programming languages, i.e. C++, C#, ASP.NET, Java, PHP.
I have over 7 years of experience in creating desktop applications and for over two years I'm dealing with creating applications for Web using newest technologies like HTML4/5, CSS2/3 and jQuery.
I have also over four years of experience with working on different database solutions like Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008R2, SQLite and MySQL, from introducing and managing these solutions to provide safe and reliable work environments to building own applications which use the power of these database engines.

Definetely my passion is to program everything what is programmable, that's why I love to try new, different technologies like programming AVR microcontrollers and programming for mobile devices with Android operating system.

Beyond programming I'm also experienced system administrator specialized in managing medium area networks from setting up client workstations to running large scale production servers. I have over 10 years of experience in managing Windows-based workstations and for over 4 years I'm using Linux and Windows-based servers in a variety of ways, e.g. as a web servers, file servers, print servers, VPN access servers etc.

If you're looking for a professional software developer who will create an application just for you, you're developing some application and looking for some support or you need an experienced system or database administrator to take care about your servers don't wait no more and proceed to Contact section. It doesn't matter what kind of project it is, if it's related with IT I'd defenitely love to participate in it!

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There are many ways to contact me like Twitter or Facebook, so below you can find complete list of them. Don't hesitate to ask every question or doubt you may find - I'll try my best to answer every single one!
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TestMaker logon screen User panel Users management page Test management page
TestMaker as it name suggests allows teachers to perform tests in their classes and automate its checking process. This allows to shorten the time needed to finish checking process to aboslute minimum, because everything is done automatically on server side basing on settings of each test. To use the application users need to have a login and a password created by site admin so no unallowed user access is possible. After submiting a test user is able to view his results online, check all previous tests notes, control the average notes which he gets etc. Also a reporting system is available to help the teachers to get all required data like average notes in specific class or for speific test, best and worst results etc. Web service is powered by great ASP.NET technology with C# in code-behind and LINQ as a connector between application and the database engine. All web pages are generated as a valid HTML 5 with CSS3 style sheets.


Fury splash screen Main application window Application configuration window Fusion configuration window
Fury it's an application to manage warehouse transactions in small- and medium-sized shops and warehouses. It handles all the operations from reception of goods to selling and invoicing them to customer. It also allows to make stock takings and print financial reports. Application is also integrated with Fusion (see below) which handles presentation of all goods stored on warehouse with their prices and stock levels, so the customer can check if specific good is available in our shop. Everything dressed up with neat and nice graphical user interface to improve the speed of user operation. The application is written in C++ with SQLite as a database engine what makes it compatible with all modern operating systems.


Fusion main page Administrative panel failed login message Users management page Product search results
Fusion is a web service written in Java JSP which allows users to remotely check stock levels of all goods located on stock of Fury's warehouse. It has been designed to read all content from Fury application and provide users all required data like product price and description. Site admins are allowed to decide which data they want to show to the users, whether the results should be displayed as a table or as a list and to debug database online in case of some errors or warnings. Web service generates valid HTML 4.01 web pages with CSS2 styling.
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Watchdog for Windows

Watcher for Windows main window New watcher window Configuration window Watcher for Windows tray icon
Watchdog for Windows allows system administrators to be notified about all important events which happen on their computers and servers. Application provides a variety of watchers, which are designed to control different system parameters like processor usage, RAM usage etc. and notify system administrator if some specific condition will be meet during checking process (e.g. free RAM amount will fall below some value). Watchdog for Windows provides unique plugin system which lets the users to easily create new watchers and monitor even the most specific parameters needed in some environments. The application is notifying the user through TCP/IP directly to his Android-powered smartphone with Watchdog for Android installed.